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Creating the Right Strategy Begins by

Getting to Know What Matters Most to You

Here’s How We’ll Work with You

Our approach is centered on understanding you and uncovering the interests, needs and aspirations you have for your life and for your family. We work with you to establish personalized wealth management goals while providing thoughtful and trusted financial advice. Our five-step process allows us to gain a deep understanding of your goals and develop the right solutions to fit your personal situation.

Your Experience in Partnership with Us Will Be…

We’ll always walk through all of your options together, and you’ll have a clear idea of the next steps and the reasoning behind them.

Getting to know you, your family and your goals is at the core of what we do. By developing a close relationship, we’re prepared to advise you based on your unique life and circumstances.

We’ll look for all opportunities and potential pitfalls in your strategy, taking a highly proactive and meticulous approach to safeguarding, building and transferring your hard-earned wealth.

We coordinate with your network of trusted advisors to add the most value to each situation and find the right solutions to build and maintain your financial confidence.

Our 5-Step Process

Get to know you Cincinnati, OH Baird The Stuard & Thornberry Group

Get to Know You

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In our initial meetings together, we’ll get to know more about your story, your circumstances and what you hope to achieve.

Get organized Cincinnati, OH Baird The Stuard & Thornberry Group

Get Organized

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We’ll help you get situated as a client, prepare the necessary accounts and lay the groundwork to initiate your strategy.

Create your customized plan Cincinnati, OH Baird The Stuard & Thornberry Group

Create Your Customized Plan

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Our team will work to develop a full-fledged plan that coordinates all aspects of your finances, addresses your concerns and connects to your goals.

Put the plan into practice Cincinnati, OH Baird The Stuard & Thornberry Group

Put the Plan into Practice

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Our team will carry out recommendations discussed as part of your customized plan, and you’ll be equipped with any steps to take on your end.

Keep you on track Cincinnati, OH Baird The Stuard & Thornberry Group

Keep You on Track

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Throughout the years, we’ll be here as an accountability partner to help you stay on track to achieve your goals and remain financially secure.

What Financial Questions Do You Have?

Whether you have specific goals or you’d like to see how your current strategy can be improved, our team is happy to talk through whatever is on your mind and see how we can help.

Curious About Working Together?

Start the Conversation with Us